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Nouvelle Plaque Européenne Voitures (520x110)

15,00 €
Nos nouvelles plaques européennes pour voitures, respectent les normes en vigueur depuis le 16 novembre 2010. 520x110 mm


Nouvelle Plaque Européenne Voitures (520x110)

Our new European car plates comply with the standards in force since November 16, 2010.

The new European plates, in accordance with European law, are to be applied to any newly registered vehicle. They are ideal for:

  • New vehicles
  • Used vehicles that have changed ownership
  • trailers

The advantage of our plates: Our European plates for cars are manufactured with rigorously selected materials (stamped aluminium) in order to guarantee you irreproachable solidity .


The different vehicles using our European car plates

Plates for cars
Our plates are perfectly adapted to self-propelled vehicles of the car type. You can get our plates for a very competitive price.

Plates for vans
Most vans are equipped with common license plates. If this model does not match your vehicle click here . Plates for trucks Trucks are to be provided with classic plates in order to comply with European legislation. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information. Plates for trailers

Like motorized vehicles, trailers exceeding the MMA (maximum authorized mass) of 750kg must be registered with the DIV. However, trailers with a lower MMA (- 750kg) must also be equipped with plates. These plates are therefore identical to those of the vehicle.


The three main things to remember

  • The new European plates are suitable for different types of vehicles . They are perfectly regulatory and can be fitted to cars, vans, trucks and trailers.
  • The quality of the plates we sell is ensured by our know-how of almost twenty years. What's more, we only use very strictly selected materials in order to guarantee you a very high level of solidity (stamped aluminium) .
  • The very attractive prices that we practice (from six euros) allow you to equip yourself effectively.


Our European car plates have a standard size of 520mm x 110mm


Contact us to find out more.

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Nouvelle Plaque EU Voiture 01-NPEV 15,00 €
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